How can I help your business?

Toni Schmidt and Thread Marketing agency is a one stop shop for SEO and all your marketing needs.

The reason we are called Thread is because thread holds things together and I believe that’s what marketing is truly all about-connection. Also, the magic often happens in the comments section of social media-more commonly known as the ‘thread’.


Most business owners have branding that doesn’t show the professionalism that I see when I meet them in person. Their website or social channels look thrown together and the messaging isn’t consistent.

Does your branding (website and social media channels) match your level of professionalism?

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have good branding. Trust me! Messaging, great images and video can go a long way.

Ask yourself, “Do people believe you or trust you before they meet you?”

Most people think it’s best to talk about themselves in promotions but forget about handing over the mic to the people that have the most power-their previous clients. The best way to grow your business is to ‘get people talkin’. Using testimonials and case studies will encourage people to take the next step. 


SEO-Overall website and SEO management. Keyword and blog analysis.

Website management Are you optimized for SEO? Does your website make sense to the average visitor?

Social Media Management- Comprehensive social strategy to include posting, group creations, advertising, video strategy and more.

Platforms include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and SnapChat

Email marketing management- Most conversions happen from an email or a retargeted marketing campaign. We can help you set up a pop ups and create effective email campaigns.

Graphic Design – Make your images match the professionalism of your name with affordable gorgeous graphics

When will you see results?

You will immediately get new traffic to your website and get more touches into the people in your sales funnel. If a marketing company tells you, “I will grow your business right away,” they aren’t being honest. At the end of the day the business owner is responsible to grow their own business. However, we will set a Key Performance Indicator, increase awareness of your brand, move people down the sales funnel and make sure those goals are met. We will take website visitors and serve them ads and emails to convert and help you grow your business.

What are the REAL results?

The numbers don’t lie…

100% of clients that signed on for a 6 month marketing package in the last year while working with us have continued services beyond the 6 month management commitment.

“In 3 months, we increased sales by 25%, increased engagement by 70%, and created an effective sales funnel” -Happy Client

“There are at least 2 instances in the recent past that have resulted in calls that could have a significant impact on the business, and I owe that to the work she has been doing on social media. But not only is Toni fantastic to work with, she delivers quality work and brings a level of enthusiasm to the role. The conversations we have are energetic and always produce executable results. -Happy client