You wouldn’t start a business without a business plan and you shouldn’t start marketing without a marketing strategy. It’s just not an effective use of your time and money.

When you’re a business owner you’re pulled in a million directions and it’s tough to see the big picture, especially related to marketing. You have a million marketing companies pitching you packages and promising to grow your business. You may have even been burned by some of them that made promises they didn’t keep.

I understand.

However, in today’s world digital marketing is no longer an option.

For many people, social media is the reason that they’ve grown their business and for others it’s their least favorite thing in the world. Whether you’ve learned to embrace it or not, you know that it needs to happen. However, throwing some pictures up isn’t the answer to getting a presence on social media. Strategy is essential to give you a great reputation, easy ways to connect, and help you be seen as a powerhouse in your industry.

What does a social media strategy look like?

Thread Marketing has 10 years of experience to dig deep into your business, your competitors, and your strengths and give you a through step by step guide to creating content and getting it noticed by the right people. A strategy will tell you specifics like how much to spend on Facebook ads, how often to post, how to use hashtags for your business, and how to humanize your brand. You will be amazed at how much your engagement will grow and how many more people convert to your email list. You will feel confident that the content your creating will be getting noticed, look professional, and help you get more leads.