Is Twitter a powerful, important platform? Yes.

Is it needed for your business? Yes and no (don’t you love that answer!?) The truth is it depends on your business and the size of your business.

First, having a strategy is so important.

You don’t need to be on every platform and you don’t need to be doing what everyone else is doing.

I have seen so many business owners wasting time and money creating content that no one sees. Don’t do that. 

If you’re wondering if Twitter is a platform that is good for your business, it’s a good question to be asking.

The most common reason that people use Twitter is news and customer service. If your business isn’t related to journalism and/or it’s not big enough for customer service inquires, it’s probably not a channel you need to worry about too much for building your business. However, if you’re really trying to grow your brand, it is worth spending a little time on it and at least have a presence there. Remember, having your name in the Twitter profile is something that ranks high in search and shows credibility. However, investing tons of time and/or money into this platform is not something I suggest to most people.

SIDE NOTE: Twitter can be a great way to connect to other powerhouses in your industry. It’s the only platform where you can easily send direct messages and/or connect to anyone in the world. That being said, will you get a lead from using a hashtag of your hometown?  It’s very doubtful.

Twitter has changed a lot over the years. Here’s the very first use of a hashtag back in 2007.

Today, you’re not likely to get a lead from a hashtag on Twitter because it’s a very noisy, fast-paced platform.

Generally, I tell people to focus on 1-2 platforms before worrying about others. Facebook and YouTube are usually the top contenders because, lets face it, everyone is there. Here’s a look at what platforms are being used most often.

is twitter important

This gives you an idea of where to spend your time and your money. However, keep in mind that every industry is different. Having a professional give you some guidance about what you’re doing on social is essential for maximum growth.