My parents owned a newspaper business in my basement in the 80’s. I can still smell the rubber cement they used as they cut the letters out with an exact o knife on the light table. They would then hand deliver everything to the guy across town who printed everything. This is hard to imagine in today’s world, isn’t it?

Today, technology has changed EVERYTHING.…from advertising, parenting, and even dating. We have these awesome tools at our fingertips but we don’t really know how to use them effectively. We all think we are masters but are we really? Do you know what your kids are using online? Do you know how to use Facebook effectively for your business? Are you getting noticed on dating sites or sending the right message to Mr. Right?

There are a million videos and articles about how technology is ruining our children and society in general but I strongly disagree. Just think about how many more connections you have because of your phone?

There are no longer any excuses for not creating the life of your dreams. The world is at your fingertips baby!! Find a spouse, find clients who need your specialty. Whatever it is, you can make it happen…and I’m here to help!

Find out how to engage successfully online to stand out in this noisy world.